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The Goddess Collective

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The Challenge

We originally launched the first version of the Goddess Collective membership in 2017, but since then, the membership had grown significantly, not only in members, but content and new features.

The user experience needed to be rethought and we had to solve a few key issues:⁠⁠

  • Reduce content overwhelm for new members⁠⁠
  • Make it easy to navigate and for users to find what they’re after⁠⁠
  • Have users want to spend more time on the site⁠⁠
  • and of course it had to be mobile friendly (but no work of ours isn’t⁠⁠)

The result: a beautiful and easy to use, binge worthy experience that had users raving about, and staying on the membership site for longer.

Main Logo

Negative Version

“I envisioned and they made it a reality”

Gif Design Studio’s work over the years has been invaluable. I feel like they’re often inside my head. They take what I envision and make it a reality, far beyond my expectations. Working with them has been a dream and helped my business and brand come to life.

Mel Wells

Coach & Author

Mel Wells

Branding, Web Strategy, Webdesign, Development

Art Direction:
Joana Galvão

Diana Santa
Daniela Meireles

Raquel Loureiro
Henrique Berthier

José Freitas