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Lifeboost Coffee

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The Challenge

Charles, the founder of LifeBoost Coffee came to us, looking to elevate the packaging for his coffee brand. He wanted to do so however, without changing the logo.

Once finding out his marketing objectives, we quickly realised that the current brand identity would need to change in order for him to attract the demographic he was after, and so took the project on under the condition that we would also re-do his brand identity.

When redesigning the logo, we tried to stay as true to the essence of the original one as possible, keeping the original bird element, but elevating the look and feel as the brand needed and deserved.⁠


Main Logo

Horizontal Version

“The experience has been fantastic and the team were spot-on with the design”

Our company was rapidly growing, and our brand identity, which at the time was too complicated, needed to be revamped, so we hired Gif Design Studios for a new brand identity design after a trusted referral. The experience has been fantastic and the team were spot-on with the design. We love the new bird – it has become a symbol for the company. I highly recommend working with Gif – they do an amazing job.

Charles Livingston

Founder of Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee

Branding, Packaging

Art Direction:
Joana Galvão

Branding & Packaging:
Ana Oliveira