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The Model Health Show

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The Challenge

When Shawn Stevenson came to us, his podcast, The Model Health Show had been ranking as the #1 Health & Fitness Podcast on Apple Podcasts, and with a growing audience and a second book in the works, he wanted a website that reflected where his brand was currently.

Shawn and his team were also hoping that the new website would make it easier for listeners to find the resources they needed in order to reduce support tickets as well as make it easier for the team to upload regular content to the blog. Additionally, they wanted to increase their subscriber list and get more people to purchase their online courses and other products.

The new website was able to achieve this through 3 main things we implemented for them: 

The “Start here” page – a page that allowed listeners to easily find the content that was in line with their health goals, the new search feature in the blog and podcast page as well as the clearer categorisation of all the content and the segmented contact page. The latter was a game changer for the volume and organization of support tickets, where each type of enquiry now went to the right inbox and right person, as well as sending “health queries” to content instead, and “fan hello emails” to social media.


Main Logo

“They worked seamlessly together and kept up with the deadlines”

Joana and her team went above and beyond our expectations. They really understood our brand and brought our vision to life.

As a team, they worked seamlessly together and kept up with the deadlines. With a big website like ours, they were able to attend to every detail, we could have thought of. Most of all, her and team were kind, upbeat, very pleasant to work with. We most certainly will work with them on future projects together.

Shawn Stevenson


The Model Health Show

Branding, Web Strategy, Webdesign, Development

Art Direction:
Joana Galvão

Rúben Silva

Rúben Silva

José Freitas