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Dan Churchill

  • Branding
  • Webdesign
  • Development

The Challenge

Dan Churchill is a celebrity chef and published author, and he came to us because his website didn’t reflect where his brand was at. It neither positioned him as the expert that he is, nor did it reflect his current offers and latest accomplishments. Most importantly, his audience had already let him know that it was difficult to navigate and find the recipes they were after.

The challenge was then to create a user-friendly website, easy for Dan’s users to navigate and grab the recipes they were after, while at the same time, getting them to know all the other things Dan had to offer, including getting them to join his newsletter. We also took this opportunity to completely redo his visual identity to be more in line with the look and feel Dan was wishing to put across: Friendly, relatable, yet, established.


Badge Version

Horizontal Version

“Every time I open my website now, I feel it stands for what I have always wanted to achieve.”

I chose to work with Gif Design Studios because I felt they clearly understood what my brand was about and what we were trying to achieve. Working with the team was great and they were on point when it came to communication, always updating my team and me on schedules and deliverables. Now that our new website is live, we absolutely love it! Every time I open it I feel it stands for what I have always wanted to achieve.

Dan Churchill


Dan Churchill

Branding, Webdesign, Development

Art Direction:
Joana Galvão

Ana Oliveira

Henrique Berthier

José Freitas